The Male-FactorPak is a collection condom providing an easy and comfortable way to collect semen samples the natural way in the privacy of your home.Now it's easier than ever to obtain high-quality semen samples for fertility and sterility testing and for use in other assisted reproductive technologies. The Male-FactorPak allows you to collect a specimen during intercourse, providing a natural alternative to yesterday's tradition: masturbation. It also gives medical specialists the opportunity to work with more representative samples than ever before.Studies show that semen samples obtained through intercourse are more viable than those obtained through masturbation. (1,2) Improved specimen viability and increased user acceptance when masturbation is objectionable, are the benefits that medical professionals have been waiting for. (3)

An Easy, Accurate, Acceptable Way to Collect High-Quality Semen Specimens.Finally, the Natural Choice.

NON-SPERMICIDAL: Biologically inert polyurethane condom maintains semen motility and velocity. No mold releases or powders used in condom manufacture. PSYCHOLOGICALLY ACCEPTABLE: Allows sample collection at home and eliminates stress traditionally caused by religious, cultural or emotional objections to masturbation or coitus interruptus. COMFORTABLE AND GENTLE: Ultra-thin polyurethane facilitates sensitivity and high sexual stimulation. EASY TO USE: Simply clean genitals prior to use, remove condom when erection has ceased after ejaculation, and close condom with provided twist-tie. EASY TO TRANSPORT: Seal condom in compact pouch with patient I.D. label, and transport to physician or laboratory, carrying it close to body to maintain specimen temperature. STERILE: Individually sealed and packaged. LESS COSTLY: The Male-FactorPak is priced lower than its leading competition.

References:1. Zavos, PM, Characteristics of human ejaculates collected via masturbation and a new Silastic seminal fluid collection device. Fertil Steril 43:491, 1985.2. Zavos, PM, Seminal parameters of ejaculates collected from oligospermic and normospermic patients via masturbation and at intercourse with the use of a Silastic seminal fluid collection device. Fertil Steril 44:517, 1985.3. Mehan, DJ, Chehval, MJ, A clinical evaluation of a new Silastic seminal fluid collection device. Fertil Steril 28:689, 1977.

Competitive Traditional Male-FactorPak Fertility Condoms Collection MethodsNon-Spermicidal x x xPsychologically Acceptable x x xThin and Sensitive xEasy to Use x xEasy to Transport x xSterile x xLess Costly x x

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Alternate spellings: Male Factor Pak, Male Factor Pack, Male FactorPack, Male-Factor Pack

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