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A biodegradable Wysi™ wipe begins as a compact 3/4 inches [2cm] wide, but almost instantly, it turns into an ample 9 x 10 inch powerful, durable, landfill friendly, personal wipe made of cellulose.Wysi™ closes the gap between a paper towel and washcloth. Yet Wysi™ is soft enough for the most delicate skin; 100% natural; contains no alcohol; and has no added chemicals; and zero scents. Plain and simple Wysi™ is a pure hypoallergenic wipe suitable for all skin types. Even the oxygen based whitener H2O2 has environment benefits.

Practical and Biodegradable Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Wipes

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Wysi Wipe

$2.50 - pack of 12 $11.95 - pack of 100$71.70 $57.36 - case of 6(100 pack)

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Comes in a pack of 12 or 100 for convenient and easy access in any situation.

Ensure your Wysi™ is clean & dry whenever you need it, where ever you keep it. Zippered access allows for quick & easy access. Finally One wipe is everything you need it to be! Anywhere. Everywhere. Remember the best! The biodegradable Wysi™ brand of wipes and cloths!

The only additive is the liquid you chose! Try refreshing clean water from your bottle, stream, lake, kettle, tap or hose. Splash on a tablespoon of liquid and watch it grow! Wet & unroll an absorbent, practical, multipurpose, baby soft, scent-free cloth.Ideal for traveling! Use indoors or out. Walking, hiking, backpacking, camping or even at a family picnic or barbecue. Because compressed, they are fabulous for small space, like in an RV, boat, purse, etc. Absorbent to soak up messy spills in the kitchen or bathroom Instant antibacterial wipe when moistened with disinfectant Kid friendly and pet friendly in the home or on the go Hypoallergenic, super-soft and gentle on sensitive skin Handy automobile wipe or gym wipe Perfect as a heavy duty industrial hand wipe

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