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Cup:+ Reusable, up to many-year lifespans+ Cost effective & ecologically sound+ No known cases of toxic shock syndrome, + material is non absorbent + Usable for up to 12 hours at a time+ Virtually no odor, because collected fluids are never exposed to air where they would otherwise oxidize+ Dioxin free+ No chlorination treatment+ Composed of medical grade silicone+ Great for travel, especially to remote areas where pads/tampons are unavailable or expensive+ Perfect to take backpacking, camping+ Makes swimming/water activities possible for those unable to use tampons

Tampon:+ Massive quantity of waste, including applicator and packaging materials+ Significant cost over a lifetime+ Known risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)+ Can be worn safely for just 4-8 hours+ Potentially odorous+ Some residual dioxins may be present*+ Can absorb protective vaginal moisture, may lead to increased sense of dryness+ Often contain rayon, plastics, fragrances, surfactants, etc.+ Fibers can be left behind* For EPA position on dioxins, see: For FDA position, see: for more information on dioxins & related concerns

tampon vs. cup

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