RADIUS Soap Travel Case


The RADIUS Soap Travel Case is designed to most major brands. Equipped with patented living hinge technology for easy opening and snap lock for secure closure. All RADIUS travel cases are guaranteed to last.

Comes in 4 different colors - clear, caviar, celery, and ibis rose

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RADIUS Soap Travel Case

$1.99 - Clear$1.99 - Caviar$1.99 - Celery$1.99 - Ibis rose

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Design:The design of the Soap Travel Case utilized a patented living hinge technology with a secure snap lock for safe stow away and sanitary traveling. The single piece construction and butterfly hinge allows for easy opening. The inside has a ribbed base for easy drying. It contains no holes thus removing the risks of unwanted leakages. The Soap Travel Case will fit most major brands. The exact dimensions of the case is 4.5" w x 3' deep x 1.25" H.

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Low cost alternative case for Lunapads

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