Non-Mercury Glass Basal Thermometer


An innovation in preconception and fertility products, the Fairhaven Health Glass Basal Thermometer is a mercury-free and non-toxic alternative to mercury thermometers, designed specifically for Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting. The glass basal thermometer is family- and earth-friendly, yet is certified for accuracy which is critical in BBT charting. This safe, easy-to-use basal thermometer comes with its own magnifying lens built into a no-break carrying case. The thermometer contains no mercury, using a safe, liquid alloy instead.

A mercury free, family-safe accurate thermometer ideal for fertility charting

ACCURATE: certified to exceed ASTM standardsEASY CHARTING: includes fertility charts and instructions on BBT chartingEASY TO USE: comes with its own magnifying lens built into the case as well as a design that can be cleaned with soap and waterSAFE: contains no mercury

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Non-Mercury Glass Basal Thermometer


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