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Check out the blog “menstrual-cups” for an opportunity to chat with fellow cup lovers and first-time buyers alike, gain insight into common trials and unforeseen benefits [WEBSITE]: to this menstrual cup forum to discuss your experiences, and learn useful tips [WEBSITE]: Learn about charitable initiatives, including reusable pad distribution in developing nations, where girls’ education would otherwise be limited by lack of access to sanitary pads [WEBSITE]: Research the Tampon Safety and Research Act of 1999 through The Library of Congress to see a breakdown of tampon concerns in the late 90s, and the actions taken to mitigate them[ARTICLE]: Read up on the facts of feminine hygiene from your favorite grocer, Whole Foods [ARTICLE]: Turn to “E: The Environmental Magazine” for more information about the hazards of conventional feminine hygiene products [ARTICLE]:;col1 Join the movement to stand up for the truth - to trade in ambiguous blue liquids and white flowery yoga backdrops for biologically accurate, shameless media [ARTICLE]: