Pre-Seed Multi-Use w/ 9 Applicators

Rhea Care distributes many fertility products that are perfect for those trying to conceive. FertilAid supplements for him and her enhance fertility and improve sperm quality. Boost sperm count and motility with CountBoost and MotilityBoost. Using these along with the SpermCheck at home fertility test gives you the comfort and convenience you are looking for. In addition, Fertile Focus provides easy and accurate ovulation predictions. Rhea Care has all the supplies you need to increase your fertility and the necessary tools for conceiving. Rhea Care, Inc. is dedicated to helping those trying to conceive. We also distribute the Male-FactorPak and Hy-gene Kit to aid in semen collection for Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures and other semen analyses. Utilizing a biologically inert sterile condom, a user can collect his specimen more conveniently at home during intercourse. The condom is thin, non-spermicidal and non-latex --- providing user comfort while maintaining a biologically inert environment. This provides an easy way to collect semen samples to test sperm count and motility.

fertility products


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fertility products



Hy-gene Kit

A hygienically superior semen collection system for viable samples and convenient laboratory analysis

Non-Mercury Glass Basal Thermometer

A mercury free, family-safe accurate thermometer ideal for fertility charting

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An easy, accurate, acceptable way to collect high-quality semen specimens

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Sperm friendly lubricant in a multi-use tube with 9 applicators

MotilityBoost for Men

Formulated as a supplement to FertilAid for Men to improve sperm motility

FertilAid for Men

Male fertility supplement to improve sperm count and motility

CountBoost for Men

Formulated as a supplement to FertilAid for Men to improve sperm count

FertilAid for Women

Fertility supplement to enhance fertility and support overall reproductive health


Designed to improve the quantity and quality of her cervical mucus

Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope

Predict ovulation easily and accurately days in advance

SpermCheck Fertility

An easy-to-use, at home sperm count test for men

Designed for fertility charting, accurate & easy to use

Digital Basal Thermometer

Pregnancy & Ovulation Wheel

Ovulation calendar and 9 month pregnancy wheel in one

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