Blum Feminine Cleansing and Intimate Wipes - Fragrance Free


Our Feminine Cleansing & Intimate Wipes are perfect for keeping you feeling clean and fresh. They are great for use after activity & during your period.Our convenient travel size pack can be used anywhere, anytime, throughout the day.

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Feminine Cleansing and Intimate Wipes - Fragrance Free


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Includes 15 Towelettes

About Blum: Blum's manufacturing processes are natural, energy efficient and environmentally conscious. Blum remains committed to the environment with recycled and recyclable packaging and use soy ink when possible for printing. Blum loves animals and will never use them for any kind of product testing. Blum products are made with certified natural ingredients, are hypoallergenic, alcohol free and PH balanced. By choosing Blum Naturals you are selecting products that are Paraben-free, SLS free, and free of any kind of synthetic preservatives. Blum knows that you deserve the pure goodness of Blum naturals products and work hard to ensure that every item Blum produces is an effective and gentle cleanser for any skin type.

Ingredients:Aqua (water), Decyl Glucoside**, Organic Cranberry Extract*, Organic Aloe Vera Extract*, Lactic Acid***, Gluconolactone***, Sodium Benzoate***, Glycerin*.*Plant Derived **Sugar Derived ***Naturally DerivedFeatured Ingredient:Cranberry Extract is known to prevent urinary tract infections.No Synthetic Preservatives or Fragrances, Paraben-free, No SLS, Alcohol free, Hypo-Allergenic, and PH Balanced. Not Tested on Animals.

Cleanse. Balance. Restore.

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