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Rhea – Titan, Goddess, Mother Before existence, there was creation; before fawn, doe; before sequoia, seed; before child, mother. And, before Zeus, there was Rhea. Deep in the roots of Greek mythology there stands Titan Rhea, from whom Rhea Care draws its inspiration. In ancient Crete, our story’s setting is laid. Descendent from the very sources of all life, Rhea is daughter of the sky and the earth. After a childhood spent living on the island, she marries fellow titan Cronus. Together, they reign over the world during the ‘Golden Age.’ An emblem of great fertility and prosperity, Rhea births six children, predestined Gods, including future rulers Zeus and Poseidon among others. Haunted by a prediction given to Cronus years prior, the family immediately fell into a desperate, though fated, tragedy. Cronus had overthrown his father as a young man, and was destined to have the same done to him by one of his very own. In true Greek mythological form, he stole away each child as Rhea bore them, and swallowed them whole. Realizing his motives, Rhea turned to her own cunning and protective motherly forces to save her youngest before Cronus could intervene. Substituting a large stone for the baby, she presented to her husband no living thing, but a rock, dressed in swaddling clothes. As he fell into her well-set trap, Rhea insured the safety of her son by whisking him away to an island cave where he was guarded and raised far from the vengeful hands of his father. Years passed, and soon enough, Zeus realized his greatness in both body and mind. Out of gratitude to his mother and care for his world, he partnered with Rhea, defeated Cronus, and positioned himself as ruling father and god. First, though, Cronus was made by Rhea and her son to release the remaining swallowed children, whole and healthy. Rhea could rest easy knowing her intervention, spurred by great maternal strength and compassion, had proved successful. For years beyond, the story of Rhea’s heroism and her position as “Mother of the Gods” has been shared and revered as one of courage in the face of adversity, power, and motherhood. Literally translated, “Rhea” means ‘flow’ and ‘ease.’ She represents and harnesses the power of fertility through the flow of breast milk and menstrual fluid. She shares her name with Saturn’s second largest moon, and appears in works of Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes. Notably, her role is stressed in Argonautica, by Apollonius of Rhodes; “Upon the Mother depend the winds, the ocean, the whole earth beneath the snowy seat of Olympus…” And so it is that Rhea lives on through the pursuits of today’s women struggling toward fertility and those simply embracing that which makes them capable of giving life. Rhea Care strives to empower each woman with the necessary supplies to realize the Rhea within, and express their inner goddess.© Rhea Care, Inc. 2012 References: