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biology > blue liquids Blue and green screens for filming sets display colors not often found in the natural world in order to deceive viewers with some movie magic. "Feminine Hygiene" companies have taken this idea to heart with their proud and unassuming display of sports-drink-esque blue liquid dripping onto absorbing pads and tampons. For years, the images went unquestioned, as girls everywhere were taught to hide their monthly visitor, as just that - a 'monthly visitor', 'Aunt Flo', that 'special time', as just 'being a lady'. Even 'feminine hygiene,' the most commonly cited word relating to menstruation, connotes dirtiness and cultivates a sense of uncleanly shame. More recently, the beginnings of a movement have taken hold, and the typical white-spandex-wearing, swimming-pool-diving commercials have begun to be satirized. Deeper running trends have yet to be widely addressed, though, including using the biologically accurate color of menstrual fluid and anatomically direct terms. We will not sit back and wait for the menstrual care revolution to unfold. Instead, here at Rhea Care, we actively promote the use of environmentally friendly, health conscious, non-conventional products, and the shameless directness that girls await and women have been searching for. biology > blue liquid honesty> movie magic menstruation > " feminine hygiene" natural > conventional reusable > disposable -- just a few of the things we stand for --References:,7206/© Rhea Care, Inc. 2012